Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lucky number seven?

Brixton market has been under much scrutiny from locals who have campaigned against the yuppy invasion, particularly with the opening of Champagne and Fromage, claiming that bubbly and cheese is bringing house prices up and ruining South London culture. Even the middle class food critics have claimed they would rather eat a prosciutto-covered sour dough pizza off a crate in the street, next to a crack head in order to ‘mix in’ with the locals.

Posh totty

When I wondered to the tapas and cocktail bar Seven, there didn’t seem to be any tension between the likes of the tweed-clad Rupert enjoying a margherita and the butcher wheeling a dead cow in a supermarket trolley to his stall. There is a feeling that you have stumbled across something special, as if on holiday walking through some market stalls to find a local delicacy to boast about back home.

Crumbly cocktails

Although the Seven website brags a clean, edgy, vintage sophistication, it feels more like a dirty school common room. I had a reserved wooden table with wonky chairs and a cheap plastic table cover. But all these odd nuances simply added to the enjoyment. 
Cocktails, at a mere £5, are served in receptacles similar to that found in an artist’s studio -  old tin cups and jam jars. The Blackberry Smash was sweet and refreshing, which I followed up with a warm kick from the brandy in the Mulled Cider, ordered from a very trendy piece of paper, which had no doubt been tea stained with organic leaves.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
(Image from Seven at Brixton)

Tapas tit bits

A sharing platter followed, with a bright display of olives, bread, cured meats, cheese, oil and vinegar. It was a succulent selection and for £14 the three of my friends seemed satisfied.

The verdict

For a chilled out natter, Seven is the place to go. However, you do have to be willing to talk to your company as the service took far too long.

Visit: http://sevenatbrixton.wordpress.com/

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