Sunday, November 10, 2013

In the Summer House: Review

Seeing student drama productions is always a bit of a disappointment or at the very least you brace yourself for some bad eggs to foul the stage with some amateur acting. Unless, of course, you are going to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In the Summer House is the only play ever written by Jane Bowles, an alcoholic, a writer and a close friend to Tennessee Williams. The plot follows the tempestuous relationship of a mother, Gertrude, and daughter, Molly, who play continuous and complicated mind games with one another. Neither can seem to survive with or without each other and both struggle to find their identity as wife, daughter and independent woman.

 The sea - a back drop to a psychological battle between mother and daughter

Gertrude is commandingly played by Patsy Ferran who gives an astonishingly strong performance of this hard-nosed woman and her vulnerability. It is great to see a females leading the action and Gwyneth Kentworth does sensitively so as Molly. The cast includes some comic relief from Gertrude's Mexican suitor played by Tom Hanson and the enchanting Eliza Butterworth, as his sister.

It is a pleasure to see the promise of future stars with such talent. Watch this space Hollywood. Or alternatively, book tickets now for the remaining shows.

Where: Goodge Street
Price: £14
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Rating: *****